Hawaii Real Estate Exam Prep Kits

Preparation Kits for the Hawaii Exam

Designed for the person with an active real estate license from another state who wants a Hawaii Salesperson’s or Broker’s license, this Exam Prep Kit will adequately prepare you for the 50-question State Law portion of the Hawaii Salesperson’s or Broker’s Exam.

The Prep Kit includes the Principles and Practices of Hawaiian Real Estate, 21st edition with a guide detailing exact page numbers and paragraphs of material exclusive to Hawaii.

Also included is a packet of 330 sample state law questions and answers with explanations, as used in Vitousek classroom courses. An additional 77 questions are included in Exam Prep Kits for Brokers.

This is all you will need to prepare for the Hawaii state law section of the  exam. Available through Vitousek Real Estate School,

$175 for Salesperson and $200 for Broker, plus textbook $50, postage and handling $12 (plus general excise tax).

Principles and Practices

Principles and Practices of Hawaiian Real Estate, 21st Edition

by A. Lee & P. Vitousek and J. Reilly
Hawaii’s only complete Real Estate text, now in its 21st edition.

416 pages with 25 chapters on most aspects of real estate, such as deeds, mortgages and financing, licensing, ownership, assessments, foreclosure, zoning, land description, leasing, Landlord Tenant Code Summary, contracts, estates and much more.

Each chapter has its most important key words at the beginning, as well as quiz questions at the chapter’s end.

Also included are over 30 math questions, with step-by-step explanations shown with the answers, 3 review quizzes, a 500+ word glossary, and the latest statutes from Hawaii law covering Licensing and Discrimination.

May be purchased separately from Trade Publishing, 287 Mokauea 96819 (808) 848-0711.