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Vitousek Real Estate School

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I recently attended the Vitousek realestate school and felt very informed upon completion.
Wayne is a very good presenter & had other realestate professionals assist him to give a very thorough understanding of the variety of realestate options for employment.

Wayne’s assistant Christine was there at every class and helped keep the moving in a very positive direction. We had a great class of students and had a Blast learning a new career.

This is THE place to get prepared for the realestate Test.

Wayne & Christine even offered us students extra study sessions on their “own” time to make sure we were prepared before we took the exams.

I highly recommend Vitousek Realestate School !!!

Tommy O.
If you are in search of the BEST Real Estate School in Hawaii, Vitousek Real Estate School is it!! As I’ve had experience with other real estate schools, I can say this one was the best by far. Something other schools did not offer is the convenience of scheduling. Vitousek has morning and night classes making it convenient for those who have regular jobs or just simply prefer one to the other. Other schools have two books, one for the national side and the other for the State of Hawaii, which can make it confusing. Vitousek has just one amazing, organized book making it easy to learn. The instructors Wayne Sadoyama and Christine Adderley were phenomenal. I was extremely impressed with their expertise in the subject matter. Between the two of them, they made the classes enjoyable, easy and they truly cared about their students retaining the knowledge.
Kahealani Lewis
I rarely write a review but I need to with the Vitousek Real Estate School in Honolulu. I’m so impressed with Wayne Sodyama and Christine Adderley and their commitment to their students through preparation and teaching. Their philosophy is to provide unequaled support to getting each student fully prepared to pass the exam. They provide follow-up and personal attention to every detail. Between these two professionals they have more than 60 years of experience. And they make it fun!
Bruce G.
I highly recommend Vitousek Real Estate School.

I just finished taking the course a few weeks ago and already passed the license test and got my license. Wayne is an excellent instructor and does a great job of mixing basic real estate information with personal experience. That makes it much easier to remember the information when you take the licensing test and later when you need to know it as part of your job. The school recognized that the required classroom time was not enough for the students to absorb all the required information so they also offered additional non-mandatory class time at no extra cost. When the course was over, Christine, Wayne’s assistant instructor led a few study sessions to help us better prepare for the licensing test. I believe that Wayne and Christine truly care about the success of all their students and go the extra mile to help us succeed.

There was a good dynamic in the class with everyone getting along and helping each other. I’m sure many of us will remain friends. This is the only real estate class I’ve taken so I can’t give a comparison with the rest, but I can’t imagine anyone else doing as good a job as Wayne and Christine. I highly recommend Vitousek Real Estate School to anyone wanting to enter real estate in Hawaii.

Paul D.
Aloha all,

I want to share my experience with Vitousek real estate school.
If there is a school to recommend, especially an online course, then I highly recommend Vitousek.
The class is very beneficial and informative. But it’s not just the online course that I praise, it’s more so the people behind the scene. You see, the staff members were encouraging to me. The staff members gave me words of wisdom when I was in doubt. Even when the online course was to soon expire, and I couldn’t finish my course on time, or I wanted an extension for the course so I could review more, the staff member allowed the extension for me to study.

I am happy to say, with the help of Vitousek staff, I passed both the National and State PSI exams!!!!!!!
Thank you Vitousek.

Ray R.
I took Paige’s course this year and was absolutely satisied with the results. We were told precisely what the class would entail and what would be required from us as stdents from the get go, and her outlines and material were spot on in terms of what was on the actual state and nationwide tests (I passed the first time). If you attend class, listen carefully, and take the advice given by Paige in terms of study habits, test habits and tricks to help recall key information you’re a shoe in on the actualy licensing tests. However, if you fall behind whatsoever dont expect to pass. As is the case with most education!

I think Paige and her school do a terrific job of preparing potential real estate agents for a career in real estate and passing the required licensing tests. I am one of many satisfied students and would recommend the course to anybody interested in beginning a career in real estate.

Its very easy to come online and write a negative review about somebody you dislike in terms of political perference or because youre disgruntled about not doing well in a class. But on this site the positives clearly outweight the negatives, and Paige is a very knowledgeable and good woman.

Thanks Vitousek!

Stephen R.